Many muskies in the boat!

The latest obsession within the ranks here at QCG has been chasing these toothy, angry fish we all call muskies. Although there has been many days spent skunked wondering why we're chasing such an elusive fish, hard work and determination have definitely paid off! Heres a recap of this season in WNY and northern PA.

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Alex with his first fly caught tiger musky.

The fly the night before being eaten by tiger musky. We call this color scheme HOT Crappie.

Big smallmouth bass are sometimes a welcome tug on long days of casting big baits.

Big walleye that ate a musky fly boat-side.

LMB on the HOT Crappie.

Northern Pike like musky flies too.

All the musky in my head eventually led to the start of building my own musky baits. This is a custom buck tail spinner I made for my closest fishing buddy Joe. He put it to work and has already put 2 fish in the net while using it.

Still in disbelief it only took a few casts to get the first one HAHA.


Same day I caught that fish's twin on a 10 inch white Posseidon.

Another fish on the black and purple buck tail.

Trying new colors.

For the 4th year in a row QCG had a team go down to PA for the Beast of the East Musky Fly Fishing Tournament. It's held on the Lower Alleghany River and is a blast of a fundraiser to help local musky fisheries. This picture was the first morning of the tournament as the fog is lifting off the Tionesta Reservior.

Figure eight every cast!!! You hear it all the time, but you have to do it. This 37 inch fish came out of nowhere and ate the fly next to the boat on the first turn of the figure eight. This fish also happened to be our only fish, but still placed us 3rd in the team points and the big fish section of the tournament.

Scenery on the Alleghany is so nice we usually stay and get an extra float in the day after the tournament.

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