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Half Day |  4 Hours  |  $300  

Full Day |  8 Hours  |  $500  includes lunch

1 or 2 anglers

Trip write ups and
slide shows


Half Day |  4 Hours  |  $250  

Full Day |  8 Hours  |  $400  includes lunch

Additional anglers + $50 up to 2

4+ people will require a second guide - please call or email for custom quote

Bring your own waders, we provide everything else

*Valid NYS fishing license is required for all anglers

Lake Erie steelhead

Steelhead fishing in Western New York usually starts around the end of September and the fish will come in waves from then until May depending on the season.  

With access to many tributaries in our surrounding area it's possible to escape some of the crowds and have a beautiful piece of our water to yourself.  

Great Lakes steelhead are beautiful, fast and powerful fish, and the trip to western New York is an affordable alternative to the west coast and their native ancestors.  Recent seasons we have had the bonus of the odd lake run brown trout that come in to spawn and/or feast on the easy meals floating downstream.

Peak times are October - November Fall run and March - April Spring run

Lake Ontario Tribs
(steelhead and brown trout)

The Lake Ontario Tributaries are on average much more popular country wide. The salmon anglers as well as the higher chance of catching the big beautiful lake run brown trout draws people from all over every fall. That being said, crowds are much bigger but so are the fish. King Salmon run these waters and the rest of the trout are always right behind them. Once the salmon begin to die off however, the anglers after the browns and steelhead will have more room to work over less pressured fish which is never a bad thing.

lower niagara

With average flows of 250,000 cfs the mighty Niagara River is a spectacle.  The shear beauty of your surroundings is trumped only when you see the beastly salmonids and other fish that call these turbid waters home.  Early fall the salmon are the first to enter followed closely by brown trout, lake trout, and steelhead.  These fish on average are large and can use the massive current against you - having you and a net man chasing downstream.  Walk and reel!

Peak times October - Early December and then again in May