Tungsten beaded Squirmy Worms (set of 3)

Tungsten beaded Squirmy Worms (set of 3)


The original squirmy worm material! I've tied and tried so many differnt variations of this pattern and different adhesives to seal them and this is the best and most durable I've come up with yet. These worm imitations are tied on sticky sharp #12 Ahrex nymph hooks and weight is handled with 2.8 mm tungsten bead, which are available in a few colors. Worms work. And worms slightly off the bottom work wonders. These worms are tied with smaller tungsten beads so they can be fished using a dry dropper technique with most foam dries (killer for bass as well as trout).


    Great for catching trout, panfish, and steelhead.




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