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All flies listed here are patterns that my team and I have extensively tested and are confident in. All flies are tied in the US by the QCG team. Most streamers are tied on B10S Gamakatsu stinger hooks. We are now working with Flymen Fishing Company and as a guide and fly tyer use many of their products. Any fly can be customized to your liking - Colors, hook sizes and materials can be substituted. Any questions on ANY pattern not listed here please contact us and we can point you in the right direction.


Jiggy Sculpin $4.50 ea / 5 for $20

The jiggy sculpin is the brainchild of the QCG team. There are lots of sculpin patterns out there, but I believe the wobbling action the jig hook gives this fly is what makes it irresistible to fish. This fly has proven itself in many types of water from tiny brook trout streams to being dragged on the bottom of Lake Erie. 

JiggySculpin Options.jpg

 SF minnow $3.50 ea.

The SF minnow is a fully synthetic single hook fly that can be tied to mimic any local baitfish. Lead wraps help keel the hook and a flat head causes the fly to dart on aggressive strips. This pattern has caused sore lips on white, smallmouth, and largemouth bass as well as northern pike and even some trout.


Clouser Minnow $3.50+

With so many variations the clouser minnow is one of the most versatile streamer patterns ever. It simply catches fish and can be adapted to fish many different water types and conditions. Traditionally it's tied with bucktail, but synthetics can be substituted in many of the different variations.


Rainbow trout colored half and half

Queen City Guiding Fishing Guide_NY5.jpg

 Rabbit strip clouser all black

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Russ Madden's Circus Peanut

$5.00 ea.

The circus peanut is an articulated jig style fly with all the right moves. The QCG team usually ties this pattern with hooks ranging from size 6 up to 1 and in a variety of colors. In black and olive (goby colors) it's a great producer on the big water of Lake Erie.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 10.22.01 PM.pn

Bucktail Decievers $3 ea.

Queen City Guiding_Fly Fishing Flies Wor
Queen City Guiding_Fly Fishing Flies Wor
Queen City Guiding_Fly Fishing Flies Wor


Queen City Guiding_Fly Fishing Flies Wor
Queen City Guiding_Fly Fishing Flies Wor

White Death variant $2ea. / 6 for 10

Queen City Guiding_Fly Fishing Flies Wor

Unweighted Worms on 2x strong egg hooks $4.50 for 6 / $6 for 12

Squirmy worm, ultra chenille or diamond braid in a variety of colors

Tungsten Anchor Nymphs

All nymphs tied on Firehole sticks 516 jig hooks with tungsten bead heads. $2.50ea. 6 for $12


Peekin caddis sz. 12


Tungsten mop fly

Queen City Guiding_Fly Fishing Flies Wor

Depth charge worm


Uncased caddis 

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